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City of Sydney Town Hall Stage 1 – Clock Tower


Scope of Works

  • Supply/install replacement carved stone
  • Supply and install lead sheet weathering
  • Re-tool exfoliating stone surfaces
  • Desalinate salt affected surfaces
  • Full façade clean
  • Removal of asbestos contaminated pointing
  • Full façade re-point
  • Mortar repairs using Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL)
  • Conservation of wrought iron ridge cresting and decorative grills
  • Supply and install stainless steel seismic reinforcement to the tower
  • Supply and install façade lighting
  • Upgrade Fire Control Systems
  • Re-paint external windows and internal walls and surfaces to the tower
  • Supply and install scaffolding & structural steel hoardings
  • Supply and install decorative external scaffold mesh and hoarding artwork.

Contract Value



City of Sydney Council

Project Architect

Jackson Teece (Peter McKenzie)

Project Contractor

Traditional Restoration Company

Looking for qualified, experienced stonemasons/bankermasons.      Apply at: