Decorative Plaster & Rendering

Kris Krawczyk

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Traditional stone has been carving stone for the restoration industry since its foundation in 1985.

It takes great pride in the quality of the carvings it produces and intends on continuing its production of high quality ‘Banker work’ and carving via the instruction and experience it provides for young stonemasons who demonstrate the attitude and talent required to undertake this most prestigious aspect of our craft.

Our Stone Processing and carving division employs 9 full time Banker Masons and Sculptors. We currently offer services in:

  • Sculpture design with full size clay mockups for approvals prior to commencement
  • Sculpture works in sandstone, marble, granite, plaster
  • Site Measurement and Shop drawings
  • Architectural Banker work in sandstone, marble, granite, plaster
  • Labour to install carved stone and statues

Previous completed works:

Canova Marble Statue Repairs – Botanic Gardens

  • Hand Carved replacement of Head, Hand, Feet, fingers and flowers
  • Cleaning of extant portions of the white marble statues

Baptist Fountain – Hyde Park

  • Indent sculpture repair of fish heads.
  • Replacement of missing shell surmounting the three fish based on black a& white photographs of the original
  • Installtion of the sculpture into the refurbished fountain

Triton Statue donated by the Hordern Family - Pyrmont

  • Replace the entire statue which was stolen in the 1950’s in Sandstone

Fountain – Private Residence Point Piper

  • Design of fountain to meet client brief
  • Supply stone and carve to specification
  • Install on site

Myers Department Store – Pitt Street Mall

  • Site Measure existing cornices from a cherry picker
  • Shop draw all replacement stone
  • Carve approximately 100 l/m of cornice off site without the aid of a scaffold to check measurements
  • Install carved cornices after the installation of a hoarding and scaffold

Former Bank of NSW - 142 Pitt Street

  • Site Measure existing cornices from a cherry picker
  • Shop draw all stone prior to ordering the stone from the quarry
  • Carve stone in our banker shop
  • Install carved stone at night whilst closing portion of Pitt Street Mall and King Street

Queen Victoria Building – George Street Sydney

  • Carve by hand and install 1 x Barley twist orb
  • Carve and install Lily motif clustered column capitals
  • Carve and install Parapet coping stones

Former AMP Building – Wellington New Zealand

  • Carve Door entry portico stones and architraves
  • Carve and install Sandstone stringcourses
  • Carve and install floral relief corbels

Sydney Town Hall – 485 George Street

  • Carve by hand and install 10 Corinthian column capitals
  • Carve and install pierced balustrades
  • Carve and install floral relief corbels
  • Carve and install replacement cornices