Company Profile

Traditional Stone consists of four entities

  • Traditional Restoration Company P/L
  • The Traditional Stonemasonry Company P/L
  • Traditional Stonemasonry (Consulting) P/L
  • Traditional Restoration Company (NZ) Limited


The Traditional Stonemasonry Company P/L employs all of our staff and tradespersons on wages, leases our factory and purchases all of our plant and equipment.

Currently there are 24 direct trade employees on the books, all of which are employed under a CFMEU endorsed Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. Tradespersons directly employed by TSM include:

  • Sculptors
  • Banker Masons
  • Stonemasons
  • Carpenters
  • Traditional Joiners
  • Metal Craftspersons
  • Traditional Plasterers
  • Trompe L’oeuil artisans
  • Gold Leaf Gilders


Traditional Restoration Company P/L is the contracting side of the business and is the entity that is engaged in the onsite construction activities.


Traditional Stonemasonry (Consulting) P/L undertakes façade condition reports and provides industry advice on materials science, building diagnostics and remediation. The office is headed up by Nicola Ashurst (architect) and is assisted by James Ginter (Building) and Kris Krawczyk (Masonry).


Traditional Restoration Company (NZ) Limited was founded in 2010 in order to undertake construction projects awarded to us in Wellington NZ and shall be retained in order to provide consultancy advice and assist with the rebuilding of the Christchurch.

Corporate Structure

Company Structure